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Tatiana Davidov WIX Expert

Hello, my dear future Client!

I am a Multimedia Content Creator and SEO Coach

       That means - web and graphic design fit right in alongside creating content, branding, and visual strategies for your dream websites and making sure that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will also be done at the highest level of expertise

       However, I also have been known in Hollywood circles as a Red Carpet photographer, creative writer for Hollywood Weekly and Magic Image Hollywood, and just a cool and awesome communicator (that would be my supper fun and hobby - a podcast). 

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10+ years in business

150+ websites build

5 countries served

Image of Tatiana Davidov,  operator of Webzilla Designs
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WIX Webmaster, 2015 certification of excellence for Tatiana Davidov

I have a dream!

                             I have a big and ambitious vision to combine my modern creative skills and ideas into one cool project and have productive fun with it!

It's a proven fact that I am good at what I do! 

       My web design skills were certified by WIX, a global leader company in web design and hosting. I was even promoted to being a WIX Partner, which is absolutely a pretty huge, and prestigious deal!

As a photographer, I am accredited by CANON.

My celebrity photos were sold abroad and in the homeland (you can Google it, or check out my portfolio). In 2012 I was awarded proclamation certificates from both LA Sheriff Leroy Bacca and the superintendent of the 4th district of Los Angeles for the best photojournalist coverage at one of the Beauty Pageants in Hollywood.

In a few words,

I can and would love to apply modern branding ideas and concepts from start to finish to your talents or events, or business projects and make you and your visual workflow definitely stand out in a crowd.

How? Browse through my portfolio or press kit for evidence and samples of my creativity, ideas, values, and the benefits I can offer to you and your company

       As I am saying, I have a dream, and now it is time to make it happen!

Let's work together and create a strong visual brand image and Google-recognized web presence for yo