Three Options We Offer

1. Solopreneur  


This is a money-saving option for start-ups with small budgets who prefer to Do It Yourself style

What is the Task?

As a solopreneur, you are getting ready to take the world by storm and transform your dreams into a money-making venture.

You already know the value of a website for the needs of your business and yet haven't made a dime with your new business yet. Not to mention it may quite challenging to even figure out where to start, or elocate required budget.

The only thing you do know: is it must be affordable and not time cosuming! I've been there myself too!

What I'm offering is a perfect solution for a small-budget project!

I'll walk you through and show you how to customize a template, add apps, and forms, set up auto-responder emails, and so on.

What's Included:

  • 3 hours of Zoom Share Session

  • Valuable walkthrough and help with customization of your template.

  • Choosing fonts and colors

  • Choosing right apps and forms

  • SEO basics 

  • Accessibility proofing of your website (make it accessible for people with disabilities. That is a major requirement for any websites as of now!)

Your Benefits:

Watercolors 2.png

Be Preparedto have ready:

  • Your content

  • Any media files: images, videos, and audio

  • Consider having subtitles or captions for videos to accommodate visitors with hearing or visual disabilities

  • List with your ideas

  • List with your competitors

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